Friday, April 22, 2011

Week 2 Roundup: What we ran out of

I can't believe the second week of living on food storage is actually over.  I had to update last week's list of items we ran out of after I realized we used up more than I accounted for.  Let's hope I don't have to do the same this week.

  • Syrup.  This was the maple flavored syrup that Kimball loves on his pancakes.  We didn't so much run out as have the syrup attacked by ants in the cupboard.  Sad loss.  Maple flavoring would be a good thing to have in food storage.
  • Saltines.  Bryce likes these with his tomato soup.  I'm considering making some from scratch, provided I can find my jar of scratch--i.e. if the recipe calls for butter, Bryce might have to go without.  Ok, maybe this butter thing is going too far.
  • Graham crackers.  We had several boxes of these to begin with, but without ice cream Bryce has turned to chocolate icing for comfort.  I might have to find a homemade recipe for these too.  I'm pretty sure these will require butter.  Oh, well.  Graham crackers and chocolate icing might be a butter worthy activity.
  • Milk.  I'm talking about the real stuff here.  It's powdered from here on out.  Or raw milk provided you all vote in the poll to the right.
  • Oranges, the last of our fresh fruit.  We had two, they are both gone.
  • Apple juice.  Poor Kimball.  I think my parents have some homemade spiced cider in the basement.  It may not be there when they get home.
  • Tortillas.  Add these to the list of things to learn to make.

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