Sunday, April 17, 2011

Butter Rationing and a Sunday Treat

I have started to become paranoid about running out of butter.  I love butter.  I love it on my bread, especially when the bread is warm and fresh out of the oven.  I love it on my pancakes.  I love to make grilled tuna and grilled cheese, both of which require butter.  I also love it to make eggs in toast (Kimball calls them circle eggs) as pictured below.  Not to mention a long and varied list of sweet things which require butter.  I love butter.

And I only have 5 pounds in the freezer with one extra cube sitting out begging to be used.  It was about three weeks ago that I bought 8 pounds at Costco.  That means in 3 weeks we have used nearly 3 pounds!  At that rate I only have 5 more weeks of butter usage.  I'm beginning to freak out.  What will I do without butter?  That means the butter rationing begins now.  Only two cubes a week, people.  That's it.  No  more.  That gives me 10 weeks of butter with a little to spare.  I just might be able to make it.

So, today when Bryce wanted a Sunday evening treat, we needed one that did not require butter.  We found this recipe for chocolate chip muffins.  We skipped the coffee and added extra milk.  Bryce also threw in some almond extract.  They really hit the spot.  Best part?  They didn't call for any butter.  I'm totally having butter on my toast in the morning.


  1. I thought of you when I bought butter this week on sale (not to rub it in). And I laugh at how much butter I used today alone...3 cubes! Good luck. I love butter too!

  2. Butter I could do okay with out much of (I LOVE butter but with heart problems running in Mike's family we don't use a lot. But my family wouldn't know what to do without sour cream. (low fat variety of course but still . . .)

  3. Amy,

    I've been looking into the possibility of making sour cream from powdered milk. It's not going to be very creamy unless you have cream. But I often use homemade yogurt in place of sour cream. Have you tried that before?



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