Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Food Storage Swedish Pancake Mix

Growing up in our house, Swedish pancakes were a treat.  Grandma Norman or Dad would make them for breakfast on a Saturday or Sunday.  We would slather them in butter and sprinkle them with powdered sugar.  Yum!  The recipe, however, was a closely guarded family secret -- mostly because there was no recipe.  Throw eggs, flour, sugar, milk, vanilla, salt in a blender.  That was about it.  With a can of powdered eggs at my disposal, I set out to find a formula that would rival Dad's haphazard concoction.  Here it is, ladies and gentlemen (i.e. sibs).

Now I know fresh ingredients are nice, but you can't beat the convenience of a mix.  Especially a home made one.

1/2 c. powdered eggs
1 c. flour
1 T. sugar
1/3 c. powdered milk
1/2 tsp. salt
to that add 2 c. water and 2 tsp. vanilla. Blend in blender or really well by hand.

You can use all or part whole wheat flour and they are just as tasty and slightly more healthy.  You can double, triple, or quadruple the recipe and keep it in the fridge.  Use 2 scant cups of the mix to 2 cups water.

We will be having these quite often, even with fresh eggs around, because my mom asked us to use up her powered eggs.  Happy breakfast!

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