Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Make Your Own Rice-A-Roni

UPDATE:  I've updated this recipe and provided instructions on how to can it.  You can read the new post HERE.

I love making my own mixes (as you may have gathered by now).  All the convenience of preprepared foods with all the goodness of homemade.  This recipe has become one of my favorites.  I made a few modifications to the recipes of my friend Stephanie Peterson (aka Chef Tess).

1 c. alphabet pasta (you can use broken spaghetti), 2 c. converted rice.  (Converted rice is also known as parboiled or preboiled.  Uncle Ben's makes it if you go looking for it at the store.  It cooks up faster because it's precooked.  It is also non-sticky, which is nice for rice-a-roni.  You could use regular rice, but it might take longer to soften.)

Chicken flavor:  2 T. dry onion, 1/8 t. celery salt, 1 t. dried garlic, 2 t. poultry seasoning, 2 t. dried parsley.
Mexican flavor (This one is really good):  2 T. dry onion, 1 t. garlic, 1 t. cumin, 1 t. oregano, 1 t. chili powder.
Oriental flavor: 2 T. dry onion, 1/8 t. celery salt, 1 t. curry powder, 1 t. Chinese five spice powder, 1/2 t. ginger, 1 T. garlic powder.
Curry: 2 T. dry onion, 1/8 t. celery salt, 1 t. dried garlic, 2 t. dried parsley, 1 t. saffron powder, 2 t. curry powder.

These mixes make enough to fit in a quart jar, but I usually only prepare half for our little family, otherwise we have more leftovers than we can eat.

To prepare, saute half the mix in 1 T. butter (or olive oil if you are conserving butter like I am).  Add 3 cups water and 3 bullion cubes (or I use broth if I have it, but as it happens, I am out).  If you are preparing a full recipe rather than a half, use 6 c. water and 6 bullion cubes.  Bring to a boil, then cover and reduce the heat until the rice is tender.  About 20 minutes.

For lunch yesterday, I prepared some of the Mexican flavor and then cooked an egg in the rice after it was ready.  It was very tasty.


  1. Once you make the rice mixture...what are the cooking instructions and amounts?

  2. Tammy, sorry to take so long to get back to you. If you make the whole mix all at once (i.e. 2 c. rice and 1 c. pasta) it will take about 4 T. butter and 6 cups of water. If you are only making half the mix, then reduce the butter and water by half.

    Saute the mix in the butter over medium heat until a little brown, add the water, bring to a boil. Reduce heat, cover and cook until rice is one. About a half hour.

    I hope that's helpful. If not please let me know what I can clarify.



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