Saturday, October 31, 2015

October 10-16: Lots of Face Painting and Cherry Hill

October 10.  Saturday morning we were able to attend Ellie's baptism.  After we went to a birthday party for our friend Victoria.  The kids got their faces painted and loved it!

October 11.  Sunday after noon this crazy clan decided to dress the same.  And Stan drew on his face and Abby's.  In the evening Nana and Papa came over so that Papa could give me a father's blessing before they leave for Guatamala.  What a special experience!  I am so grateful for the priesthood.

October 13-14.  On Tuesday evening I had my Relief Society crafting night.  I didn't get a chance to finish the witch's boots so the kids helped me paint them and a friend came over on Wednesday so we could finish our projects.

October 15.  On Friday I ate this popcorn for breakfast because it is THAT good.  Then we spent some time with Grandma Hansen at Cherry Hill and their Halloween festivities.  We always have such a great time on our outings.

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  1. Great memories. Sorry I haven't kept up with your blog. Wish we all had time to do everything.



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