Monday, May 11, 2009


Last week we went to Portland to see Aunt Amber get pinned--i.e. graduate (with honors, not too shabby) from the University of Portland with a nursing degree.  Turns out Kimball is a natural flyer.  He wanted to watch the takeoff from the window and then settled into his own seat to wait for his complimentary beverage.  

The pinning ceremony was one of the most un-boring graduations I have ever attended, and that includes my own.  Although, two hours of sitting was a little much for Little Man.  He got slightly annoyed when the ushers wouldn't let him stand in the corner in Mom's arms.  Well, at least Mom was annoyed.  Good thing Uncle Derek and lots of extra hands were there to entertain.  But overall, two thumbs up.  Congratulations, Amber.  We are so impressed and proud.

Before leaving Portland we had to check out the wonders of the Pacific Northwest and so took a hike in the city park.  It was Kimball's nap time and so he was less impressed than the rest of us.


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