Sunday, August 25, 2013

How to Baby Proof a Banister

Baby proofing your house can be tricky.  There are some dangers that can be put away and out of reach, others are not so easy.  With a little one about to crawl I wanted to make our stairs safer, but I was faced with two separate problems.  One, putting up a baby gate right where the banister is located.  Two, a banister with wide spaces.

Fortunately, I have a neighbor who is clever so I don't have to be.  She even lent me her gate when she was done.  (It's so nice to have good neighbors).

Here is her solution:  To solve the first problem you will need a 1x6 piece of wood with small holes drilled in the corners and some zip ties.  Use the zip ties to secure the wood to the banister, thus providing a stable place for the the baby gate.

You can see that I elected to put the wood on the back side of the banister.  I did this because I needed an extra inch or so for the baby gate.

The solution for the wide spaces in the banister is a piece of plexi-glass with holes drilled in the corners.  It can be secured in the same way with zip ties.

Now I am ready for my baby to start crawling, even if I don't want her to.  (Please stop growing so fast, Little One.)

Here she is eating a giant piece of pizza, because you know, pizza is good for you.


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