Monday, April 11, 2011

Boiling Fresh Eggs

We have had our chickens for 2 weeks.  The first week we netted about 9 eggs.   This last week we netted 18!  Woohoo!  With our plethora of eggs, Bryce requested egg salad sandwiches for lunch today.  What a perfect opportunity to figure out how to boil fresh eggs.  You might be wondering if there is a difference to boiling fresh eggs as opposed to store bought.  Well, I'll tell you from my vast knowledge of boiling fresh eggs (I read a few web pages.)

Apparently fresh eggs are, well, fresh.  This causes the membrane between the egg and the shell to stick to the egg white after it is boiled.  Have you ever had that triumphant egg peeling experience when the shell came of nearly perfectly?  Yeah, old eggs.  In order to combat the freshness problem, I tried every trick I read about.

Please ignore my dirty stove.

1.  Use salt in the boiling water.  (This is actually to keep the egg in the shell if it breaks.)
2.  Prick the egg shell with a pin.  (The theory is that more water can get under the membrane and make them easier to peel.)
3.  Put oil in the water.  (Also supposed to help with the peeling.)
4.  Soak eggs in ice water for about a half hour after boiling.

I thought that the tricks worked pretty well.  I lost a little egg white, but it could have been worse.

Please ignore my dirty counter.

With a little mayo, mustard, salt, pepper and some red bell peppers.  Lunch is ready.  You'll notice that the egg salad is very yellow.  Fresh eggs are just that way.  Large, very yellow yolks.  I'm sure it's a sign they are healthier.

We used the bean bread I made on Saturday.  Delicious!


  1. Looks yummy! Can I request deviled eggs when I come down to visit?

  2. You can pretty much request anything with eggs around here, so long as the other ingredients do not require me to go to the store.



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