Friday, July 2, 2010

Welcome to Mt. Pleasant!

Well, we finally made it! Sort of. I came down to Mt. Pleasant on Tuesday, but I am still waiting for Bryce to join us. It's not very much fun having him so far away. It's also not very much fun having all my stuff crammed into one small room. I keep thinking of things I wish I had with me but are currently located in the storage unit. The upside of living with my parents is that I can take a shower without worrying about what Kimball will get into and there are a hundred cousins here for playmates (at least for the 4th of July weekend). Ok, not a hundred but enough that Kimball isn't dragging me outside every five minutes. "Ouse! Ouse!" he says when he wants to go outside.

We hope you all are well and already miss our friends in Salt Lake.


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