Monday, April 18, 2011

Our Dairy Future is in Your Hands

Bryce and I have been debating whether it's cheating on our experiment to purchase raw milk and cream from a local dairy farmer.  The main reason I want it is for cheese and butter.  I can stand to drink powdered milk, but, well.  You've heard my rant about butter.

Bryce and I are calling upon YOU, the readers of our blog to settle the debate.  I have set up a poll on the side of the blog where you can vote until the end of the month.  At that time, we'll know whether we will have access to additional dairy or we will be stuck with what we've got.  Thanks in advance for voting.  Oh, and for reading.  You all are making this experiment so much fun.


  1. Additional thoughts: Kate-have you made butter or cheese before...if not, this is the perfect time to try this out...I'm very curious to know how it all works out! Again...this is Julie

  2. Julie, I made butter when I was a kid. My understanding is that it's not hard and that you can do it in a food processor. Cheese is another matter. I have been trying to master mozzarella, but I've only been successful once out of 3 tries. I have the stuff, but I need milk. You can't use powdered milk to make cheese unless you add some cream. I will post about it once I get some milk.

  3. If there was a disaster and the cows lived, you could technically still get milk, etc. from local farmers if they would sell it. So, I don't think it's cheating. Kim -- another butter lover.

  4. Oh, Kim. I'm so glad you're on my side.



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