Sunday, November 30, 2014

November 22-28: We are so Thankful!

November 22.  It was just another Saturday morning at our house.

November 23.  On Sunday we had dinner at Charlotte's because Ginny had made it into town.  It was really fun to watch the three girls play together.

November 24.  On Monday we met Jill and Ginny at the Museum of Natural Curiosity for lunch and some fun.  Unfortunately, I forgot to do something for work and had to rush home.  #momfail

November 25.  On Tuesday, Abby and I got a little time to play while the boys were at school.  Abby is really into taking care of her baby doll.

Tuesday evening we met John, Jill, Charlotte, Alex and Ginny at the Bountiful Temple to do sealings.  It was really nice being in the temple together.

November 26.  Thursday morning Bryce had an eye appointment with Dr. Teske.  Fortunately his retinas seem stable.  Then I took the kids and met Charlotte, Jill and Ginny at the zoo.  I missed Kirstin who had left a little earlier.  The zoo was nuts because it was a free day for everyone.

We decided to skip the crowds and headed to a park because it was such a nice day outside.  

Charlotte was nice enough to watch Ginny's and my kids so we could go see Hunger Games: Mockingjay.  It was a long movie and there were 9 kids at Char's.  She deserves an award.

November 27.  James and Kirstin hosted Thanksgiving dinner this year.  Kirstin's decorations were so festive and the food was all delicious.  After dinner we busted out the chocolate fountain.  The best part of the day was playing with cousins.  When it was time to go home, we arranged all the carseats so all the girls--me, Jill, Charlotte, Ginny and Kirstin-- could make a trip to Target.  It was so fun to be shopping with just the sisters.

November 28.  After I got up early and did a little more Black Friday shopping we took all the kids to Big Hero 6.  Charlotte, John and Ginny met us there with their crews.  We took up two whole rows.  Abby sat on my lap for the whole movie which seems like a bit of a milestone.  After the movie we got out the Christmas decorations.  The kids are getting so excited!

November 15-21: Busy Kids

November 15.  Saturday morning.  It's always fun when Daddy plays monster.

November 16.  We had a nice Sunday dinner and Ed and Cyndy's.

November 17.  Monday we made paper chains to count down until Thanksgiving and Abby played with water.

November 18-19.  Stan's favorite question is, "Mom, what should I do?"  It's pretty exhausting trying to entertain this one 24/7.

November 20-21.  Thursday night I went to a Sunday School training.  One of the things I have been thinking about is they said that we are all just substitute teachers, standing in for the Savior.  I like this thought.  On Friday night we had the sister missionaries over for dinner.  The boys love it when they come.

Monday, November 17, 2014

November 8-14: Sick Little Ones

November 8.  Saturday morning I got up early to can some green tomato salsa with a couple of friends.  We were able to make 13 pints and split them up.  Canning is so much more fun with girl talk and I can't wait to enjoy the sauce--green enchiladas, sweet pork tacos.  I am sure I can come up with some yummy things.

Saturday afternoon was unseasonably warm.  We had our neighbors over and played outside for a while.

November 9.  Saturday night Kimball had a fever and by Sunday morning, Abby had one.  Bryce stayed home with the kids while I enjoyed church by myself.  I taught a lesson in Sunday School on Jeramiah.

November 10.  With all three having fevers at some point in the previous 24 hours it was a sick day at our house.  We made a turkey project from the dollar store in the afternoon.

November 11.  Kimball still had a mild temperature on Tuesday morning so it was another sick day.  Trying to work from home with sick kids is not easy.  We still managed to find time to make crayons in the oven.  I saw something online to use cookie cutters and tinfoil.  I do not recommend this.  The small muffin tin, however, was a success.

Abby had the highest fever and with too many naps was up late.  She finally crashed in daddy's arms.

November 12.  Fortunately we were back at school by Wednesday.  Mom was ready to get back to our schedule.  Dad was working late so we made a trip to the toy store to see what we might want to request from Santa for Christmas.

Abby also discovered the fun that can be had with the flour drawer and a teaspoon.

November 13.  On Thursday I chopped my hair.  Unfortunately this was the best picture I could take.

November 14.  Friday there was no school so we spent the morning at home making doll clothes.

We ended the week by going to perform sealings in the Salt Lake temple with our ward.  I love being in the temple.  And the new dressing rooms were nice too.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

November 1-7: A sprained ankle and cute kids

November 1.  Saturday morning we woke up at Grandma's and Grandpa's.  Abby and Stan helped Grandpa and Dad rake up the leaves.

Grandma made us pancakes and we added a little Halloween candy to Kimball's.  Why not?  They were eating it for breakfast anyway.

Saturday evening I twisted my ankle on the outside steps which were covered in leaves and hard to see.  It seemed like a bad twist, but Kimball said a prayer for me and it was better the next day.  Thank heaven for the faith of little children.

November 2.  Sunday morning Stan fed a butterfly and a caterpillar some carrots while wearing his wings,  He called them his "little buddies."

Just before bed Stan gave a a show complete with singing.

And Kimball showed us how to turn his blanket into a warrior costume.

November 3.  Monday morning Abby woke up cuter than the day before if that's even possible.

Thanks to daylight savings the kids were up early and had enough time to dress up in costumes before Kimball went to school. 

Abby showed some initiative by starting to unload the dishwasher without being asked.  She watches so carefully and then does what she see everyone else doing.  Clever girl.

November 4.  Tuesday I had a busy work day.

November 5.  On Wednesday I made toilet paper turkeys with Abby and Stan while Kimball was at school.

November 6.  The kids discovered a new place to take naps in the closet below the stairs.

After Kimball's piano lesson the kids jumped on the trampoline at Susan's house.  It was so nice to hear their laughter.

November 7.  We spent most of Friday with our friends and neighbors, Sierra, Oliver and Emerson.  It's nice to have good neighbors.


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