Friday, April 8, 2011

Self Reliance Experiment: Week 1

For those of you who were unaware, we now are the proud farmers (ok, owners) of five chickens.  Above is a picture of the fine ladies.  The peach one is named Peachy.  The white one is Big Momma (thanks, Sis).  The black one is Ni Hao (My mom named that one).  And the two spotted ones are Camilla and Kevin (courtesy of Fiona).

Now that we are actually producing food, Bryce and I have decided to perform a bit of an experiment.  From now until my parents return at the end of June, we have decided not to purchase any food at the grocery store.  It should be interesting, especially since we didn't plan for the experiment.  We just thought if it today and we are starting without so much as one trip to the store for ice cream (Poor, Bryce).

I am feeling pretty well stocked on pantry staples, especially since we inherited some food storage from Bryce's grandma (Thanks, Cyndy and Ed!).  The biggest challenge will be meat.  Usually my freezer is full, but I haven't purchased any meat in a while.  I only have 2 chicken breasts and 2 pork chops.  I can't wait to see how far we can stretch things.  Beans and tuna, here we come!  If nothing else, we will have eggs.

I am hoping that we learn a few things about how we might eat if we weren't able to get to the store.  I have also started a solar oven and a buddy burner.  I plan on trying those out during this experiment, even if I don't cook with them every day.  I will try and keep you all updated!


  1. Good for you Kate. I will be anxious to see how you do.

  2. Thanks, Aunt Pam. It should be lots of fun.

  3. Chad says, "this is cool! We should try it next...except no garden, no chickens, little food storage...hmm...we will see how your thing goes."

    Can't wait to catch up on the posts so far.

  4. Amber, so glad you can follow along. Chad makes me laugh. Say hi to him for us. We really miss you guys and think we need a trip to Portland sometime soon.



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