Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Make your own fruit on the bottom yogurt parfaits

As promised the yogurt post:

1.  Heat milk to 185 degrees.  Best part--you can use powdered milk.  Hey, throw in some extra powder, it just adds protein.  Now, you don't need to do it in a jar like this one; it is just supposed to reduce the chance that you'll burn the milk.  If you decide to do it like my picture, use a deeper pan.  This took FOREVER to reach 183 and then it got stuck.  I ended up using a different pan to heat the milk anyway. 

2.  Prepare your jars with jam on the bottom.  Here I have raspberry and peach. There are supposed to be 6, but 2 are broken and I haven't replaced them.  So the odd man out in the middle doesn't get jam.  He is for more starter so I can do this again.

3.  Cool the milk is a water bath to 110.  Don't let it fall below 90 or your yogurt might not set up.  Stir in your active cultures (i.e. the yogurt you bought when you weren't supposed to).

4.  Pour milk into the prepared containers and let incubate for about 10 hours.  The yogurt maker is handy because you don't have to rig anything up.  But it's not necessary.  For some ideas on other methods check out this and/or this.

The jam on the bottom is just plain yummy.  I gave some to Bryce for breakfast today and Kimball ate half of it before Bryce could even taste it.  Toddlers think it always tastes better from Daddy's plate.  They are probably right. 

Now I just need some homemade granola.  You can bet I will be posting that soon.

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