Monday, April 28, 2008

Big Fat Update

Here it goes a big fat update since the last post, which my sister, Charlotte, reminds me was forever ago.

1. Bryce and I are pregnant and due on October 6th. We are pretty excited and so is Bruce, who is thrilled he will have a sibling. We refer fondly to the forthcoming addition as "the bean." This is because I signed up for a weekly email from soon after we found out we were expecting. There was a time that the weekly updates referred to the fetus as various bean sizes--a pinto bean, a lima bean, etc. As a result, we just refer to our little one as "the bean." We will find out if its a boy bean or a girl bean on May 20th. I will try and let you all know.

2. Bryce has passed all of his CPA tests (Hooray!), decided that he does not want to be an accountant (Oh, well!), quit his job (Hooray!), and is studying for the CFA--Chartered Financial Analyst--test in June (Go Bryce!). After the test he will apply for jobs as an investment analyst, which seems to fit him a lot better than auditing. There aren't a lot of investment analyst jobs here in Utah so we don't know where we will end up. Ginny and Sam (my sister and her hubby) will be in New York beginning in the fall, which sounds like fun; Kim (Bryce's sister) and her family are in San Antonio, which isn't exactly a financial hub, but we love the Chatlands; Amber (Bryce's other sister) and hubby are vying for Portland; but who, knows . . . L.A., Chicago, Silicon Valley? Our future is one adventure waiting to happen.

3. Harvard rejected me. Harvard sucks.

4. Bruce is really happy it's getting warm out. He hangs out by our shed in the mornings pretending he's a grumpy old farmer.


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