Saturday, May 14, 2011

What We Ate for Dinner: Pizza!!

I had this great stir fry all planned and then I got vetoed by Kimball and Bryce, who both wanted pizza.  The trick was that pizza necessitated my making cheese.  I was reluctant because I had made it three times before and only succeeded once.  That is a terrible batting average.  I didn't want to screw it up again because this time it was with our precious raw milk.  (You can't make mozzarella from powdered milk unless you add cream).  But, when the boys want something, the boys usually get it.

I will give you the short version of the cheese sage and just say that it was successful.  Cheese making is more art than science and I am still struggling to find some talent buried deep inside.  In any event, the cheese was great.  Very melty.

Given our lack of fresh ingredients, the rest of the toppings were questionable.  We had some Canadian bacon that I had frozen for just this purpose; that was tasty.  In place of pepperoni we used Derek's jalapeno elk salami; it was way too hot for me.  I had some green onions from a trade.  The peppers rehydrated from diced peppers.  The pizza sauce was the sauce I mentioned here.  And the pizza dough I mentioned here.  I need to find a better sauce for pizza.  It was ok, but too chunky.


  1. My favorite pizza sauce is:
    1 can tomato sauce
    1 tsp garlic powder
    2 tsp oregano (dried)
    2 tsp basil (dried)

    Mix together. Smear over your pizza. Makes enough for a 11x17 pizza with a lot of sauce.

    It is quick and easy, but oh so good. (You can even freeze it if you want.)

  2. Harriet, I am totally going to try this next time we make pizza. Thanks!



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