Saturday, May 14, 2011

Baby Food and Cheating

We made it five weeks with my only food purchases being a carton of yogurt and a boneless turkey breast (which is still in my freezer).  Yesterday I fell off the band wagon and it was the baby food that threw me over the edge.  A baby can only live so long on broccoli, strawberry-applesauce and yogurt.  I am sure I could have dragged it out longer.  But, yesterday, I stopped being sure I wanted to.  Sure a bit of pride was at stake.  And I feel like because I said I would do something I should do it.  But the health of my baby was at stake and so I succumbed.

The real problem was that once I made it to the store and saw that strawberries were only $2.99 for two pounds, I decided everyone needed a treat.  Here is what I came home with:

For Stanford: 30 jars of baby food and two boxes of cereal.
For Kimball: 4 pounds of strawberries, bananas and syrup.
For Bryce: Ice cream, chocolate syrup and carrots.
For  myself: Marshmallows (for Rice Krispie treats!) and soy sauce.

Soy sauce, you are thinking?  That is a treat?  Well, we are dangerously low and soy is a basic ingredient in a lot of recipes I like to make.  Now that I think about it I should have got a can of coconut milk.  What was I thinking??  Shoot!  I have been craving this curry recipe.  I would even throw in my last two chicken breasts if I only had that coconut milk.  Oh well, I guess I'll just have to wait until Stan runs out of food again.

By the way, Kimball ate an entire pound of strawberries himself as soon as they were clean.  It was the perfect treat for him.

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