Saturday, April 14, 2012

More of What We've Been Up To

Wouldn't life be so nice if I could figure out how to blog as I go instead of in retrospect?  Oh, well.  Here are some things I have been up to:

1.  Made this.  Dee. Lish. Us.  Really I have no words, except I wanna make this again. 

2.  Folded laundry.

3.  Listened to part of this radio show and decided to stress less about parenting and enjoy my kids more.

4.  Folded more laundry.

5.  Discovered I have been making brown rice wrong while reading here.  Which is good because I just bought some brown rice from here.  Seriously, Gina's post might actually make me fall in love with brown rice all over again.

And I still have more laundry to fold.


  1. I just make brown rice in my rice cooker- let it soak in 2 parts water to each part rice for 30 minutes before pushing the "cook" button. Also- Brown rice is much cheaper elsewhere (says the woman who can't buy enough) case lot at Macey's is $10 for a 20lb bag. Winco is .55/lb regular. :-)

  2. De, I am totally going to try a pre-soak on brown rice in the rice cooker. Thanks for the tip on the price too. I only bought it it Honeyville because I couldn't bare the thought of another trip to the store with two toddlers. Sometimes you just gotta buy it where you are at.

  3. Watched the video. I have the ingredients (thinly sliced ham for sandwiches, but it might work.) I think I'll try this.

  4. It was really delicious, Cyndy. We ate it over instant mashed potatoes. Just so you know it was a little spicy, but oh so good!

  5. I feel like a cheater. I just use my rice cooker.

  6. Ginger, someone told me to soak the brown rice in the rice cooker for an hour before turning it on. I tried it and it turns out great.



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