Friday, April 27, 2012

How I started my food storage: Part IV--Cooking Essentials

In this installment of how I started my food storage I am taking up "cooking essentials" as they are listed in the food storage calculator.  If you are looking for something to purchase that will make you feel like you are making headway on your food storage, I suggest you start here.  These item are not expensive and once you check them off your list you will feel such a sense of accomplishment that you can move on to tackling something like wheat.  That's what I did.

You will need one pound of baking powder and one pound of baking soda per person for a year.  My only thought is that you might want to up your baking soda amount for cleaning purposes and so that you can do things like this with your kids.

It's pretty easy to get 5 pounds of salt per person.  You might, however, want to store more than one kind.  I use more kosher salt than table salt for example.  I also have some canning salt on hand.  But I am thinking of switching to Real Salt because of the trace minerals that are in it.  It's more expensive, but might be worth it.  Have you ever used Real Salt on a regular basis?

Just so you know the 1/2 pound of yeast per person is not really enough for bread making.  According to my calculations, I would need 2.5 pounds of yeast to make 4 loaves of bread a week.  So, for a year's worth I am going to have more on hand.

With regard to the vinegar, 1/2 gallon is not going to be enough if you do any amount of canning.  It's also a good cleaning agent.  I think you might have to decide on your own what is right for your family's use.  Another thought is you might want to have different kinds on hand.  I like to have white and cider in gallon jugs.  And smaller amounts of rice and red wine.  (That's red wine vinegar people.  Sheesh.)

With the exception of the salt, all of these things should be rotated regularly.  So it's a good idea to have the amount you want on hand and then purchase more as you use it up.  If you are a better record keeper than I you could keep track of how long it takes you to go through a box of baking soda for example.  Then you might be better able to determine how much you need.


  1. I've used real salt. I love it. I used to crave salt all the time and salted all my food. I tried real salt and stopped reaching for it within a couple of weeks. Now I rarely salt my food and salt cravings are few and far between. :-)

  2. Heidi, now I want to try real salt to see if it changes my salt cravings . . .



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