Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How I started my food storage: Part II--Milk and Legumes

Well, friends, the journey continues.  If you missed the first installment of how I started my food storage, you can find that here.  I will also link to the food storage calculator again in case you want to refer to it.

Today I am talking about milk and beans.

The food storage calculator calls for 60 pounds powdered milk, 12 cans of evaporated milk, and 13 pounds of "other milk".  What is "other milk"?  Seriously, what other options are there for storing milk?  Sweetened condensed?  What am I going to do with 13 pounds of sweetened condensed milk?  Maybe one of you know?  Well, now that I have that off my chest . . .

I think milk was probably the most expensive of the items to purchase.  60 pounds per person is a LOT of powdered milk.  It took a while to get it all.  I made a trip to the LDS cannery at Welfare Square and dry packed several cases.  But it was time consuming.  Since I had the money at the time, I also purchased several cases from emergency essentials.  We are not using a lot of milk right now (I mostly put it in recipes) because I want my kids to drink whole milk, but we have it available.

Beans.  You'll notice that the food storage calculator has the beans divided up into several kinds.  I don't use lima or soy beans.  I figured that the details were less important that the totals: 60 pounds per person for a year.  That's the same amount the LDS Church recommends.  So I decided what kind of beans I thought we would eat and stored those.  Some I purchased in #10 cans.  I also got a 50 pound bag of pinto beans and put it in a 5 gallon bucket.  It's not sealed for long term storage so I really ought to get working on that bucket.  Plus I have canned cooked beans from the case lot sales.  Now I just need to find some more bean recipes.


  1. Apparently, there is a difference in powdered milk and instant milk. THAT could be part of the "other" milk!! Or, it could be that you buy milk and freeze it (after taking out a cup to allow it to expand when frozen).

    We do lots of black beans with rice, as well as kidney and pinto beans in chili (so we also need to store V8 for the chili). Refried beans are used often in our home for taco type meals, too. I like the bags of 13 bean soup to throw in the crockpot with some diced ham for ham & beans.

    Writing all this out helps me figure out what kind of food storage I should be working on! Hopefully it gives you some meal ideas, too!

    Oh, and I'm having a Shelf Reliance party on Saturday. I know you're not still in Utah, but if you're interested in anything, it is always cheaper to buy through a party than online or anywhere else!

  2. Ginger, you may be right about the instant milk. Thanks for the ideas for bean meals, too. Although we are in Utah I am going to wait on purchasing more food storage until I am though some of what I have.

  3. Yeah, sorry about that. Don't know why I thought it was YOU that went to China! ;)

    I'm interested in your sweeteners and your fruits/veggies! The freeze dried fruits and veggies are what I am so excited to buy from Shelf Reliance. Freeze drying keeps in more of the nutrition than dehydrating, and it's better for you than canning in syrups or salts, and with a better texture. Might be worth coming just to taste the food to see what it's like once you use it, see if it's a texture you approve of or not! ;)



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