Saturday, March 22, 2014

March 15-21: Green Things and Easter Eggs

March 15.  On Saturday we got to celebrate Luke's fourth birthday with him.  For those of you who don't know Luke, he is my sister's third boy.  Kimball and Stan love their cousin Luke and they had such a great time at the party.  Of course, we overstayed our welcome and hung out all afternoon.  When my dad got home from work he and my mom took us to the movie, Mr. Peabody and Sherman.  The boys loved it and I got to chase Abby up and down the stairs at the theater.

March 16.  Sunday we had a sibling dinner at John's house.  I made a turkey.  It was delicious.  The following day I boiled the carcass and made stock.  I love turkey stock.  I used the stock to make a soup, which was also delicious.

March 17.  Happy St. Patrick's Day.  When I was a kid I would wake up on St. Patrick's Day with a green thumb.  Apparently due to my Irish heritage a leprechaun would color my thumb with green permanent marker.  It was nice because I didn't have to worry about wearing green that day, I had a green thumb!  (Not to be confused with the ability to garden.)  The leprechaun that visits my kids has yet to remember to color their thumbs.  He does, however, pee in the toilet (It's green, just so you know) and leave little foot prints on the walls and other surfaces.  This year he turned the milk green.  (Stan wouldn't drink it.  Hehehe.)  He also left money rather than treats.  The boys were so excited.  They had been earning money to buy some new Lego Star Wars toys.  They worked really hard to earn the rest after the leprechaun's generous gift.

March 18.  Abby is usually the first one up in the morning.  I wake up to hear her shuffling around in her bed.  She doesn't whine or cry.  She just lolls about sucking her thumb.  At least this is what I imagine her doing because I delay going to get her for as long as I can.  Sometimes when I get her in the morning I optimistically bring her back to my own bed dreaming that she will snuggle up in my arms and drift blissfully back to sleep.  This fantasy is usually destroyed when she smacks me in the face and demands to be taken upstairs where she determinedly points at the cupboard where her baby food pouches reside.  After one or two pouches she is ready to eat her cereal, which is what she is doing in the picture below.

March 19.  My ward has a playgroup that meets on Wednesdays at noon.  Sometimes it's a bit of work to get the kiddos out the door and I drag my feet, but it's worth it.  Abby discovered the swing and was in love.  Stan was a bit bummed that little sis joined him because he wanted to go "weely weely fassed."

March 21.  Friday is the day I don't work.  This Friday, however, I was feeling like I needed to get some things done before the weekend.  Bryce fed the kids breakfast while I plowed through my list.  This would have worked out perfectly if I had just stopped working in time to put on clothes so I could take Kimball to preschool.  Feeling rushed in the morning is not good for me.  I lose all patience and freak out about everything.  Sigh.  It may for a stressful morning.  The highlights were breaking the freezer door because I slammed it too hard and tossing Abby in the air only to have throw up land on my face.  True story.  Everything was made better by dying Easter eggs.

We also made Cookies and Cream popcorn for our movie night.  Every once and a while we have a movie night with the kids.  It's a pretty big deal because we get out the blow up bed and let them sleep on it after the movie is over.  We have popcorn (usually caramel) and sometimes other treats.  The boys look forward to it and beg for it nearly every week.  This time we watched Prince Caspian.  We finished reading it a few nights ago.  Next we are reading Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

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