Friday, March 7, 2014

January 8-14: Seven Years Have Flown By

Bryce and I were married seven years ago on January 12, 2007.  These have been the best years of my life.  I have never been happier than as Bryce's wife and the mother to Kimball, Stanford and Abigail.  I wanted to celebrate this year with a fun night out so Bryce and I dressed up and went to the symphony on Friday January 10th. 

We ended up staying at the Marriott Hotel in City Creek which is right across the street from Abravanel Hall.  It was such a nice evening.  We were able to hear a performance of Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 4 with Israeli pianist Inon Barnantan.  It was one of the most amazing live performances that I have been to.  Mr. Barnantan was absolutely riveting to watch perform.  Both Bryce and I were on a bit of a high after the performance.  We ordered chocolate cake and ice cream to our room and then slept soundly.  The whole evening would not have been possible without Grandma and Grandpa Hansen who graciously took the kids so we could enjoy ourselves.  

The view from our room.
Obviously our anniversary celebration was the most exciting thing we did all week, but since I can't stop taking pictures of our kids, here are some random ones from the week.

Abby with a new hairdo.

Stan and his tower.

This is a snowman Stan built with Grandma Hansen.

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