Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Is it too late for a new year's resolution?

I realize that it's March 5th.  I realize that if I start today the project that I am about to tell you about, that I will essentially be doing so 64 days late.  I am not the planner.  I leave that to my husband.  I am a follow your whim sort of person.  So here goes.  No regrets.

For the past several years I have put together a photo book of my little family using Shutterfly.  I have loved doing it.  It's very satisfying to see a full year of photos all organized in chronological order.  The down side is that I don't spend a lot of time journaling the pictures.  There may come a day when I will wish I would have spent more time talking about the pictures and the memories attached to the visual reminders.  But, no regrets.  I am so happy to have the books that I have made.

Another thing you should know is that my dad has been keeping a blog as a kind of journal for the past several years.  He did a great job chronicling his and my mom's mission to the Cochabamba Bolivia Temple.  For Christmas some of my siblings and I gave my parents a book of all their blog posts from their mission.  It was a lovely book and made my dad cry (which is not that difficult).

You can find my parents blog HERE.  My dad has also managed to keep his updates going since they have been home.  I love reading the summary of each week.

My parents are off on their next adventure to the Oaxaca Mexico Temple Mission in May.  I have been thinking about them leaving.  I look forward to reading my dad's blog posts so that I can stay in touch and know what they are up to.

What if my parents could have the same insight into the lives of my kids?  (Do you see where I am going with this?)

I'll spell it out:

1.  I blog and post pictures.
2.  My parents get to read it (and so do you, if you want to).
3.  I turn it into a book at the end of the year.

Now you can see why I have a bit of anxiety about starting on March 5th.  Oh, well.  No regrets.


  1. Go Kate! Anything is possible!

    1. Thanks, Ruth! So nice to have a cheering section.

  2. Where are the pictures for this post?

    1. Sadly there are none. But I promise to never make another post without a picture again.



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