Friday, March 14, 2014

March 1-7: Cabbage Heads and Good Weather

Mar 1.  Early Saturday morning I picked up a Bountiful Basket.  The kids turned the cabbage into hats.  Dad joined in the fun too!

Later that afternoon I met my parents and Luke at Burger King for a little fun.

Mar 2.  Sunday morning the kids had a bath before church.

Abby tried on the Burger King crown.

March 3.  On Monday, we had a fun outing to the zoo with Grandma Hansen.  It was such a lovely day with not too many people there.  Abby pointed and giggled at the animals.  It was so fun to see her excitement.  My mom joined us a little later with Emme and Rigby.  We all had a good time.

March 5.  Waning to keep the TV off we made rainbow chains and pots of gold with glitter.  I learned the hard way that you should not hang anything with glitter directly above where you eat.

We also made it to the park for play group--albeit 45 minutes late.  So we enjoyed the sunshine and Abby explored the play ground.

I tried to get Abby to walk to me in this video, I got this instead:

March 6.  The boys started a new basketball class this week.  Bryce is so excited for them that he has taken off work so he can be the one to go with them to class.  They are pretty lucky boys.

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