Tuesday, March 11, 2014

February 8-17: Happy Birthday Daddy and Happy Valentine's Day

February 9.  We got to celebrate Bryce's birthday at Grandma and Grandpa's house after church.  All three monkeys think their dad is the best play toy.  I have to agree.  They are pretty lucky to have such a great dad.

Cyndy made a delicious chocolate cake and we were joined in our celebration by our new friends the Kopaigora family.  Although Bryce had already received his Xbox, I surprised him with his own footie pajamas.  The kids were pretty excited that daddy now has pajamas just like them.  Sadly some adults are not accustomed to sleeping with their feet covered in floppy fleece footwear that is attached to their pants so these are saved for special occasions like movie nights on the blow up bed.

February 11.  Oh Stany!

February 14.  The kids woke up to expressions of love from their parents in the form of candy and balloons--their favorite!  Later that day we took more candy (i.e. Love) to Daddy at work.  (I should have taken pictures, but you can just imagine them running around an office with chocolate kit-kats all over their hands and faces making more noise than most offices are generally comfortable with.)

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