Monday, March 17, 2014

March 8-14: Parties and Birds

March 8.  Saturday was busy.  Abby emptied the bathroom drawers into the sink.

We went to my friend's house for a birthday party for her husband.

Then we had a ward party in the evening.  It was an adults only party.  They had the kids in another room with pizza.  The adults played getting to know you games.  My favorite was the giant version of Jenga.

March 12.  Abby continues to be fascinated with the bathroom sink.

We went shopping for Easter outfits to wear at the family pictures in April.

March 13.  With Kimball at preschool and Abby taking a nap, Stan and I had some much needed Mommy and me time.

We made a "project": paper rockets.

March 14.  Friday was another fun outing with Grandma Hansen.  We went to Tracy Aviary and enjoyed nice weather.

I can't keep Abby out of the bathroom.

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