Saturday, May 5, 2012

Pin Reviews

I was looking at some of my old pins and realized that there a few that I have tried and never bothered to blog about.  I always like reading other bloggers experiences with testing pins, so I hope you find these helpful.

I saw this pin and knew it would help clean up my sink.  I could have been crafty and made my own cake stand, but I just used my glass cake stand instead.  It works wonders to have a place to stick sponges and soap.

I used this pin to hang a trivet in my kitchen.  Instead of a safety pin I used a paperclip.  Just hot glued the paperclip in place.  Perfect!

I thought this pin was so clever since I am a canning nut.  The next time I used up a salt container I cut the top off.  The only problem?  I didn't know what to store in the jar!  Lol.

I also thought this pin was clever because I have toddlers.  The problem?  Toddlers don't like to have something in between their hand and the popsicle.  Perhaps they like to have it drip down to their elbows . . .

What pins have you tried out lately?

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