Friday, May 4, 2012

Twisty Ties in a Jar

So this is the latest pin that I attempted to replicate in a desperate effort to entertain my children while simultaneously trying to get something done.

Since I didn't have any pipe cleaners I used twisty ties (see there is more than one use for these things!).  I put them in a mason jar and let the kids have at it.


Unfortunately the graham crackers were more entertaining.  Then I realized that part of the problem with the jar was too thick.  You'll notice that the original pin looks like a plastic jar.  Well, we'll have to try that tomorrow.  But I still have my doubts that it will keep them occupied for hours.  But hey, I'd take five minutes.

UPDATE: I just linked this post to Project Pinterest.


  1. LOL, I can feel your pain, keeping toddlers entertained is a job in itself! Thanks for joining us on Project Pinterest, waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  2. Ha! Five minutes to yourself when you've got toddlers is priceless! Thanks for linking up to Project Pinterest!

  3. Sandee, thanks for stopping by. I am waving back from the mountains of Utah.

  4. Sarah, I tend to agree that any amount of time you can occupy a toddler is worth the effort. Thanks for the Pinterest Project. I'll be back, I am sure!



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