Sunday, May 6, 2012

Jelly Beans for Dinner?

One of the things I have thought about doing with this second round of the Self Reliance Experiment is having one meal a week that is meatless and based on beans.  Beans are good for you, right?  This is a good idea, right?  Well, I'm feeling a bit discouraged.

This last week I planned a meal of beans and rice.  I thought that if I could make the beans sweet and yummy they would be as delicious as a Chinese stir fry.  Perfect over rice.

I made the beans in the crock pot using some of the beans I canned with Fiona as part of our rice-a-roni canning day.  Basically it was a pound of white beans, 2 T. dried celery, 1/4 c. dried onion, 1 t. garlic powder, 2 T. chicken bouillon and 6 c. water thrown into my crock pot.  They cooked beautifully and only needed some salt.  For a sauce I added some "Desert Glaze"  which is basically a prickly pear cactus syrup with some spices including chilies.  I thought the sweet and spicy would be a great sauce for beans.  And it was!  I thought it was delicious.

So the problem?  Neither of my kids would eat the beans and rice.  No shocker there!  But Hubby informs me he doesn't think beans and rice is a meal.  Oh.  Well, good thing I had some taco pockets on hand to throw into the mix.  No one went hungry.

Now, to my husband's credit he said that he would eat beans once a week because they are inexpensive and I am doing my food storage thing.  But I have to confess that I've lost a little wind out of my sails.  It makes me feel like I am cooking frumpy meals.  No one likes to feel frumpy.

So, I am considering feeding my family jelly beans for dinner.  At least I know they will enjoy them.

I'm only kidding.  Sort of.


  1. They all need to live in Brazil for a few months! Don't they know the combo makes a complete protein?

  2. I am so sorry it went that way! We have rice and/or beans for dinner OFTEN! In fact, any time I go over on my grocery budget, hubby says we NEED to eat rice and beans until it's under control again. Try looking up the recipe for Cafe Rio's pork salad... and then just make the cilantro-lime rice/beans... the salad minus the pork. YUM!!! It's a favorite in my house! You know, we've had beans more nights than meat for about a month now! Oooh, I could send you a recipe for absolutely delicious red beans and rice (has sausage in it, too) sometime!

    All this from a family that can have JUST fruit salad for dinner and that is all!! I'm just so sorry they didn't appreciate your meal! I may try making it for my bean loving group!



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