Friday, May 11, 2012

Homemade Hand Sanitizer


I saw the above pin on Pinterest.  It only takes 3 ingredients, 2 if you skip the essential oil, which I did.  Basically its a mix of one part aloe vera gel and two parts rubbing alcohol.  I threw it together in an empty pump bottle that originally had hand sanitizer in it.

At first I thought that it was too much rubbing alcohol, but I think the consistency is about right.  So how does it compare to the store bought stuff?  Well, the aloe vera has a bit of a residue when you rub it in.  It doesn't dry as quickly as the store bought sanitizer.  But it's aloe vera so it can't be bad for your skin!

Considering that the aloe vera was something I had around the house (I had to buy enough rubbing alcohol to match what I had) it was cheap.  I like cheap.  Will I use it?  Yes, definitely.  Will I do it again?  Eh.

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  1. Glad you tried this, KT. I was wondering what it would be like. :)

  2. I'd say that's a success if you used what you had on hand (and a little purchase)! THat stuff is pretty expensive too. Thanks for linking up to Project Pinterest!

  3. Very cool! I also love the idea that you recycled the old hand sanitizer bottle, that's something I wish we all did more of! Awesome use of what you have on hand too! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  4. Hi Kate, Just letting you know you were my pick for the I'm featured on Project Pinterest. If you send me an e-mail at then I will send your button to you so you can display it on your blog, now I am off to go listen to your boy sing! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)



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