Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Don't Come to Our House For Dinner

Seriously.  Unless you want to see me lose it in an very undignified manner, you don't want to be anywhere my house at mealtime.

Last night was the second night of my attempt at meal planning.  On the menu: lettuce wraps with Asian crunchies.  First, let me say that I have been sick for three days, so I don't have my usual energy or patience.  Anyway, I made the crunchies about 10am.  They were delicious so I ate a quarter of them for lunch.  I mean anything toasted in butter can't taste bad.  I was also pretty excited to let the hubby taste them too since he loves a bit of crunch on  . . . well, on anything.

Since I wasn't up to a meal that required much prep, I scrapped the idea of replicating PF Changs lettuce wraps and washed the crock pot instead.  I threw in a couple cans of white beans and some home canned peach pepper BBQ sauce (perhaps a post for another day?).  I figured with a little white rice some sweet and spicy beans would be just right.  The less effort the better.

When it was time to eat I found out the hubby was going to be late.  Bummer.  So the kids and I sat down for what was supposed to be an uneventful meal.  My toddlers, however, have the attention span of . . . toddlers.  So once the three year old discovered the rice was sticky he created a new game called "Intentionally cover my hands in the sticky rice so I can go play in the sink."

The 17-month-old wanted to play in the sink too.  In spite of his diminutive stature he can still manage to drag a chair three times his size across the kitchen.  Due to the fact that I was sick and napless I let the two of them play in the sink and enjoyed my lettuce wraps by myself.  I figured what harm can they do to a sink full of dirty dishes?  They can't make them any dirtier.  And the lettuce wraps were delicious!  Soft white rice, sweet and sour beans and the crunch of the Asian crunchies.  Perfect.

At this point I made the mistake that was to be my downfall.  I left the kitchen to talk to the hubby again on the phone.  Upon my return I discovered that all the lovely Asian crunchies, the pinnacle of the meal, were in the sink covered in three inches of water.

So the kids were locked in their room until my urge to scream and cry had subsided, the hubby didn't get any crunch on his lettuce wraps as a reward for working so hard and I had a big mess to clean up in the sink.  So you see, it really is best if you don't come to dinner at our house.


  1. Oh, Kate, I want to feel sorry for you but I'm laughing too hard!!!!



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