Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Erupting Volcanos

I'm always amazed at the things that a toddler can get fixated on.  And the enthusiasm of his fixation.  Yesterday Little Man spent the morning pretending to erupt like a volcano.  It was pretty impressive.  To help feed his hungry little mind we made the proverbial science fair volcano.  Considering he is almost three and a half and I didn't get to do this until about 7th grade, I told myself that my little guy is advanced.

I'm not sure I actually need to give instructions for this, but here is what I used:
  1. pie plate
  2. empty spice jar
  3. homemade play dough
  4. baking soda 
  5. vinegar

I let him do it as many times as he wanted, which was about fifteen.  My favorite part was hearing him say, "That't amazing, hun?"  and "That's spec-tack-ler!"


  1. I'm impressed that you made an actual (looking) volcano. I just made mine use a glass!

  2. The play dough was just hanging around the kitchen. It was getting old anyway.

  3. saw this on email. So much fun for Kimball.



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