Friday, May 9, 2014

May 4-5: The Drive Home or How Mom Lowered Her Expectations of What Fun Means

May 4.  We left Ginny's about 11am.  Bryce and I had fantasies about stopping somewhere fun or exploring unknown destinations.  Instead we stopped at nearly every bathroom between Pasadena and St. George.

First there was the bathroom at the Walmart not 30 minutes into the drive.  Stan needed to pee.  Which he did.  We got some lunch items for the car and got everyone buckled in again.  Then Stan needed to pee.  Which, despite the fact he had emptied his bladder ten minutes before, he did with no small amount of surprise from his mom.  We got everyone buckled in again.  Then Kimball needed to pee.  Which he did.  Then we got everyone buckled in and we were back on the road.  But not for long

We stopped by in the Mojave desert.  Everyone got to use the facilities.  Perhaps we made a mistake in buying everyone another drink for $2.50 a piece.  (Seriously!  $2.50 for a soda?)

It wasn't long before Kimball needed to pee and there was no bathroom nearby.  Thank heavens for little boys and bushes.

Somewhere in there was the stop in Vegas.

And the last stop before St. George was this AmPm in the pictures.  It was a familiar site because we had actually stopped at it on the way down.  In addition to emptying their bladders the boys got a chance to have a lightsaber duel.  And I freed Abby's hair of orange Cheeto dust.

Somehow we made it to St. George about dinner time, but everything was closed because it was Sunday.  So we checked into a motel and did what any sensible hungry person would do: we ordered pizza.  Even though the sun was going down and it was chilly the boys hopped in the pool.  I avoided the unheated pool and instead enjoyed the hot tub.  All in all, it was a nice evening.

The next morning, the boys opened one of their last prizes: window paint!

The drive home was nice.  We made the acquaintance of a few more bathrooms and a few more bushes.

And what did we do just 15 miles from home?  Stop at another bathroom.  This time at a Carl's Jr. in Draper where the kids played on the jungle gym.  (That's the face I make when I am sick of looking at toilets.)

And now we're home.  The best part is we have TWO bathrooms that are so easily accessible I want to cry for gratitude.

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  1. Oh, I remember those days and long car rides. But you knew how to make it fun with all the prizes and such!



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