Tuesday, May 6, 2014

May 2: Day 3, Both Disneyland and California Adventure

May 2.  We did our best to arrive as early as humanly possible, but after two days and a very late night we were pretty beat.  Friday was the hottest of the three days and the busiest.  We struggled to keep the kids happy until the sun went down.

We tried the carousel, but Kimball was sad when he didn't get to ride next to Xela.  Next we tried the haunted mansion, which provided some respite from the heat.  Kimball loved it and Stan hated it.

So it was off to the Tiki Hut and some Dole Whips.  

By this time Gin and her girls had had enough so they headed home.  Bryce and I pressed on.  I took Kimball to ride Space Mountain.  When it was over he said, "That was so cool!"  Given that it was in the dark and Stan hadn't loved the haunted house, he skipped it.  We bought them their Star Wars toys and a light saber for Bryce and headed over to California Adventure.  Stan wanted to ride the ferris wheel again.  After the sun went down the temperature was much more pleasant.  The boys loved the rides with their dad.  We ended the day in the best way we could think: with ice cream cones!

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  1. Glad you could go, but too bad it was hot. It should have been cooler since it was early May. Great memories!



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