Saturday, May 31, 2014

May 24-30: Memorial Day and Bryce's Graduation

May 24.  We must have done something on Saturday, but honestly, if I don't take a pictures, it's hard to remember.  I know we did a little cleaning and organizing, but beyond that I'm drawing a blank.  I do remember that Bryce wanted to work on the juniper bush but it rained all morning.  Stay tuned he got his chance on Memorial Day.

May 25.  Sunday morning we got up and I made chocolate waffles.  It was a recipe that I had been wanting to try.  They were good.  I even used some caramel topping, but they didn't really need it.

The kids had been begging me to show them how to start a fire with their new magnifying glasses.  They got them at Red Butte Gardens on Friday.  Saturday was overcast so I couldn't show them, but Sunday morning was a different story.  They were duly impressed.  But them I am pretty sure fire is always impressive to a three and five year old. 

Kimball also drew this bit of art.  It's cello wars.  If you don't know what that is, then you should watch THIS VIDEO and you will see why he's a bit obsessed.

May 26.  Happy Memorial Day.  We started the day at the Murray Cemetery where we visited my Mom's parents' graves.  We then headed to Salt Lake to visit my Dad's ancestors'.  Charlotte and Jill brought their kids too.  It was a good time.

A bunch of Badger descendants on the Badger bench.


After the cemeteries, Bryce rented a chain saw and hacked at the juniper bush.  It doesn't really look the same and probably never will.  It's still not done, but getting closer. We ended the day with a nice BBQ at John and Jill's.  John made it back from a four day bike ride down to St. George.

This is a pic of Abby playing her first game on my tablet.  All she has to do is pop the bubbles.  She loved it.

May 27.  Tuesday was a work day for me.  The kids went to our neighbors and played in the sprinkler underneath their trampoline.  It's nice that they can have fun even when Mom can't.

Tuesday night as we were putting the kids down, Abby insisted on sleeping in the boys room.  She usually sleeps in her crib out in the play room, but she didn't want to stay out there.  When we put her to bed in the pack and play in with the boys, she was thrilled!  It was so cute to see how happy she was to be with her brothers.

May 28.  Feeling guilty for working so much when it's finally summer. I took the kids to the park on Wednesday morning.  Kimball ran through the splash pad even though it was chilly.  We had fun, got rained on and then had to leave.  In the afternoon had my semi-annual meeting with the oversight committee over the Parental Defense Alliance.  They oversee the contract we have with the state.  It's nice to have that meeting behind me.

Bryce worked late on Wednesday.  While he was gone, I decided to move Abby's bed into the boys' room so she could sleep there every night.  I forgot that I would have to disassemble and reassemble the entire bed, so it was a bit more work than I bargained for without Bryce for backup (read, keeping the kids out of my way), but I got it done.  Abby was so happy!

May 29.  Thursday morning Kimball was thrilled to see how much his pumpkin plant had grown.  He planted some pumpkin seeds in preschool and has been dutifully watering them.  (I am honestly surprised they are still alive).  He really wanted to put them in the bigger pot because he wants to have a pumpkin by Halloween.  I sure hope he gets one. 

The other happening of Thursday morning was my injury at the hands of my toddler.  Abby dropped a glass clock on my eye and gave me a shiner!  Here was my instagram post: "This baby dropped this clock on this eye which is now this color #ouch."

May 30.  Friday morning began with all three kids insisting on spinning in Mom's office chair.  Silly kids.

After an early morning phone conference, we called Grandma and Grandpa up to play.  We headed to Kaysville.  After a nice morning and a lunch of homemade bread and mac and cheese, it was time to head home.  We stopped at 7-11 for slurpees where the boys got new straws with mustaches.

We ended the day with Bryce's Hooding and Pinning Ceremony for his MBATM program.  Ed and Cyndy joined us for dinner and the ceremony.  I am so proud of Bryce.  He worked hard studying and only had one A-.

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  1. It says it is Dad commenting, but it is really me (Mom). Love seeing all your activities and the kids. Here are my reactions: 1-Showing them how to make fire? You really are brave. 2-Cello Wars: Amazing picture. Does this mean he is going to start cello lessons? 3-It makes me really happy that you have kept the tradition of visiting the cemetery. I think it builds family tradition and identity. 4-Start 'em young on the ipad. This generation was born to it. 5-Park looks fun--I don't know why you should feel guilty--you do so much with your kids. 6-I hope Kimball gets a pumpkin too. 7-We are sorry we missed the celebrations for Bryce's graduation. He really has worked hard and deserves the kudos. Love you my dear daughter. XOXO



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