Wednesday, May 7, 2014

May 3: The Beach!

May 3.  My kids had never been to the ocean before this trip.  So on Saturday, Gin and Sam took us to the beach just north of Santa Monica.  The kids loved it!  They played in the waves, built sand castles, got buried in the sand and generally enjoyed the day.  Abby was a little wary of the waves at first, but warmed up to them and didn't want to leave.  I wish I would have taken pictures of her getting splashed.

After we got home from the beach we left all the kids with some sitters and had a grown up night on the town.  We ate at a famous dim sum restaurant and consumed way too much.  Then we walked a bit around Pasadena and ate some gelato (because I haven't eaten enough ice cream this trip).  It was a wonderful evening out and so nice to spend time with Gin and Sam.  We miss having them so far away but are glad they live in such a fun place to visit.

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  1. Water is always wonderful. Bear Lake is a close cousin, but without the waves. When we took our kids to LA when younger, we wanted a day at the beach, after Disneyland, but they insisted on Knotsberry Farm. We wanted them to see the ocean so we drove to the beach as it was getting dark, and then they realized what they had missed and wanted to stay longer.



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