Monday, May 5, 2014

May 1: Day 2, California Adventure

May 1.  We started the day with a few lightsaber fights and a Darth Vader impersonation.  Even Abby joined in.

Aunt Ginny, Xela and Willa joined us in the fun today at California Adventure Park.  First we watched the Disney Junior Show, then Bryce took the boys and Ginny took Xela on the Tower of Terror.  I think Stan might have screamed the whole time.

In Bugs Land we rode all the rides and Abby drenched herself at the splash pad.  This might have been her favorite thing of the whole trip.

After some lunch it was more rides, ice cream cones and the Pixar Parade.

We managed to squeeze in the Car's ride (without having fast passes!) and the tire ride before we found our spots for the World of Color show.

We ended the night with World of Color, a light and water display set to Disney songs.  It started at 8:30pm and I'm a little surprised that all of our littles survived and enjoyed the show.  It was worth staying up for, although I did have to beg a seat in the handicapped section because my back was killing me and Abby only wanted to be held by Mom.  I didn't take pictures, but I found some on the web.  All in all, super long day, but super fun!

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