Friday, May 15, 2015

April 25 - May 1: Mom and Dad sometime have to work a lot.

April 25.  Saturday we had an awesome time at Rigby's birthday part at the nicklecade.

April 26.  Sunday nap.  Comfy.  It was also Ed's Birthday celebration. The kids picked out some great gifts for grandpa.

April 27.  Gearing up for a long week of Mom and Dad working by having dinner at Costco.  Bryce had a big crowdfunding conference this week that he was instrumental in organizing and I had a closing with the firm.  I hope we all survive.

April 28-May 1.  Super busy week, but the kids found a large lady bug and I made a craft at girl's night with the neighbor hood girls.

Bryce's Crowdfunding Conference at the SDBC was a success!

We survived!

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