Friday, May 15, 2015

May 2-8: Arya comes to visit and Abby spends three nights away from Mom (sniff!)

May 2.  On Saturday we had Emme and Rigby over and our kids had swim lessons too.  Oh, and Kimball had a birthday party.  Super simple day.

May 3.  On Sunday Abby worked on her fashion sense and Stan had to have a picture too.  If I recall correctly the sister missionaries also came over and taught us a lesson.

May 4-5.  Cousin Arya came to visit.  The kids got picked up on Monday afternoon and went to spend the night.  The next day Grandpa brought the boys back to school and then on Tuesday afternoon we met up at the aquarium.  Afterward we found a hill to roll down.  Even grandpa joined the fun.

May 6-7.  Abby spent two more nights with her cousin Arya, sleeping in the same bed together.  On Thursday we met back up for lunch at McDonald's and to say goodbye until next time.

May 8.  The kids have been spending a lot of time at our friends the Ernest's while Mom works.  They love jumping on the trampoline.  I am really grateful for good neighbors who can help me out and such good kids who don't complain too much about Mom working so much.  I hope things ease up for Summer.

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