Saturday, May 30, 2015

May 9-15: We like bugs at our house

May 9.  Last day of swim lessons.  We also had Brad and Heidi over for dinner which is always so nice, even if I don't take pictures.  While Heidi was on the way out her pregnant nose noticed a smell of gas.  We called Questar and discovered that we had a pretty bad leak.  Fortunately it was outside of the house and they fixed it quickly.

May 10.  Dad made his cookies with the kids.

May 11.  Abby and Stan have discovered the sun roof and like to peek out while we pick up Kimball.

May 13.  Kimball found some baby spiders hatched by the house.  We went to the park after lunch.

Kimball called this his "hot tub".

May 14-15.  Kimball took some pictures of bugs outside and lost a tooth.

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