Saturday, May 30, 2015

May 23-29: Minnetonka Cave, Memorial Day and Stan's Preschool Program

May 23.  The kids were pretty excited to be at the condo even if the cool weather meant we weren't making a trip to the beach.  They jumped on the pull out couch to their heart's content.  Bryce found Kimball several pounds of worms while on his run.  And I remembered to bring a craft to pass the time.

For lunch the condo association hosted a potluck BBQ.  The boys got filthy and soaked playing in the sand, but that didn't stop us from heading to Minnetonka Cave in Idaho.  Kimball was so excited because it's a bat cave.  We even saw a bat (pic below)!  We went in the cave 1800 feet and down 350.  Stan was a trooper and Abby rode on Daddy's back.  Due to the spring rain there was a place in the cave where it was raining.

May 24.  Sunday we went to sacrament meeting across the street and then had a nice relaxing day watching movies, making cookies and popcorn, playing games.

May 25.  On Monday we cleaned the condo and then headed home.  We met the cousins at the Salt Lake City Cemetery and then went to John and Jill's for a BBQ.  Tilly stole Stan's blankie.  She is a cutie.  It was a nice way to end a nice weekend.


May 26.  On Tuesday Stan had his final preschool program.  He did such a great job!  We are so proud of this growing boy.  After we went to lunch at Burger King where they were supposed to have Slugterra toys in the kids meals, but they were out.  :(  They did, however, give us a rain check.


May 27-28.  We have some robin's eggs in our yard but haven't seen the mom in a while.  We fear they may have been abandoned.  On Thursday I drove around to two different Burger Kings trying to cash in our rain check.  We found the toys and the kids were happy until they realized that there was more than one kind of Slugterra toy at Burger Kind and wanted to go back.

May 29.  On Friday we made pizza's on the pita bread bread from Costco.  They are my new favorite.  The Thai chicken is amazing.

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