Thursday, April 30, 2015

April 18-24: Swim Lessons and Family Pictures

April 18.  On Saturday the kids finally got back into swim lessons.  They have been begging forever.  Abby was a bit of a barnacle through her parent/class.  She didn't hate the water, she just wanted to be attached to me.  The boys on the other hand love swim lessons.

In the evening we got family pictures taken.

April 19.  Sunday was my first day at church as the Relief Society President.  Then we went to dinner at John and Jill's.

April 20 -22.  I spent the week getting ready for the Parental Defense conference.  Abby refused to nap but took a rest on the stairs.

April 23-24.  On Thursday and Friday I was up at the Zermatt for the conference.  They give me a special service award for my dedication to the PDA.  That was nice.

While I was at my conference the kids got to go to Grandma's and Grandpas.

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