Monday, April 13, 2015

April 4-10: Easter/Conference Weekend and a Trip to Ogden

April 4.  Saturday morning I worked out early and then came home to watch the morning session of Conference.  We had a nice Saturday afternoon at our friend Sebastian's birthday party.  He turned two.  Bryce had planned on watching the Priesthood session in Kaysville with his dad, but Ed rolled his 4-wheeler Saturday afternoon.  Fortunately he's alright,  We made to Kaysville for most of the Priesthood session and spent the night.

April 5.  Easter morning!  The kids were so excited to get up and see what the Easter Bunny had left in their baskets.

The Easter Bunny even hid all the eggs that Mom and Dad had stuffed with loose change.  

We listened to Conference while and then had a lovely lunch of lamb chops.

April 6.  The boys stayed over night and went to the park with Grandma and Grandpa Hansen on Monday.

While the boys were away Abby found some stickers.

After I picked up the boys, Stan insisted on spending his money from the Easter egg hunt.  He convinced Kimball to combine funds to buy a robotic fish in a tank with a shark.  They loved playing with it, but the fish stopped working and we returned it the next day.

April 7.  On Tuesday, we enjoyed the second day of spring break by hanging out with our friends the Chamorro's and their new trampoline.

When we got home Abby refused to get out of the car.  At one point I took her out and she insisted on getting back in and buckling up.  She was out the for over an hour.

April 8.  On Wednesday we went to the Aquarium with Ed and Cyndy and I did not take a single picture.  I suppose we were too busy having fun.

April 9.  I spent Thursday working hard trying to finish all things work related so I could take the kids up to Ogden for an overnighter.  It was my attempt at spring break on a budget.  

April 10.  We finally made it out of the house about 11:30, so we stopped in Kaysville for lunch with Ed and Cyndy.  We arrived in Ogden by 2, but couldn't check into our hotel until 3.  To pass the time we went to an arcade where the kids had fun earning tickets for prizes.  After we checked into the hotel we went swimming in the oversized hot tub.  Abby took a dive in the deep part when I got out to turn the jets on, but we are all ok.


After the pool Bryce was supposed to meet us for dinner, but got stuck in traffic.  Fortunately he made it just in time for the movie Home.  The kids loved it.  Here they are playing at the hotel after the movie.

You'll have to come back for the rest of our Ogden adventures.

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