Saturday, April 18, 2015

April 11-17: A Rock Show, A New Calling and Snow!

April 11.  We woke up at our hotel and ate breakfast.  We had arranged to meet Ed and Cyndy at a rock show at the Golden Spike Arena, but we had about and hour to kill before it was time so we played angry birds.

The kids had a blast at the rock show picking out geodes and other rocks to buy.

April 12.  The kids looked really cute in their Sunday best.

On Sunday I was sustained and set apart as the new Relief Society president.  I bought myself paper plates as a present.  More garbage but fewer dishes.

April 13.  Monday morning I decided to light up the buddy burner and see how long it took to boil water.  After 45 minutes I decided it was a fire hazard and the water was hot but not boiling.  We also set up the hammock.

April 14.  Tuesday we took the hammock down because it started to snow.

April 15.  By Wednesday we had 7 inches of snow.

April 17.  On Friday I went to the wedding reception of my cousin Jill's son Clay.  It was so nice to catch up with cousins.

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