Sunday, April 5, 2015

March 21-27: Easter Eggs, the Zoo and another birthday party

March 21.  We had a really fun Saturday.  Emerson and Oliver came over to dye Easter eggs.  Then their dad made a hot wheels track down the driveway.

March 25.  On Wednesday Kimball had his first field trip on a school bus.  They were only able to pick 5 moms to go.  Kimball was a little disappointed that I didn't get picked but told me "If you pay a little money they will let you go!"  Ha!  It sounded like a bribe, but really I just had to meet them up there and pay to get in.  We used our pass and had a great time.  It was chilly but the kids didn't mind and Stan dressed as a tiger.  After the zoo, Kimball had a birthday party for a boy in his class.  It was a pretty busy day.

March 27.  Kimball had another birthday party on Friday.  I had a meeting so he went with his friend Oliver.

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