Wednesday, August 6, 2014

July 26 - Aug 1: Fun in the Sun!

July 26.  We began our Saturday early with lots of laundry.  The boys were begging for Cherry Hill from the time they were awake enough to speak.  We finally made it to the park by 12:30pm but didn't leave until 9:30.  It was a marathon day of fun.  We swam, we splashed, we slipped, we slided and then we took the boys to the bumper boats and the ball pit.  We played a game with air guns and got lost in a maze.  We ate dinner and then played a game of mini golf.  It was so much fun.  Kimball went down the blue dragon slides by himself this year and even Abby liked those big slides.  And to top it off, no one got sunburned.

July 27.  We stayed over Saturday night, which we weren't planning on doing.  I woke up in the middle of the night worried about Stan's new fish.  Would it survive two days without being fed?  I was lucky to get back to sleep with all my worrying.  We woke late and made it to sacrament meeting.  After church we had a nice dinner of pork roast with mashed potatoes, gravy and corn on the cob.  The Tachs joined us and it was nice to visit.  The Tachs are a family originally from Cambodia that Ed's parents informally adopted and helped them come to the U.S., so they are considered family.

Abby hijacked my camera on Sunday:

July 28.  Monday I had a meeting for work, but London kept the kids busy and took them on a walk.

In the last pic, you might notice that Kimball is displaying his lower teeth.  Guess what?  He has two loose teeth!  Stay tuned, it shouldn't be long before he loses one (or both).

July 29.  Tuesday we began the preparations for our trip to Bear Lake.

July 30.  After spending the morning packing and getting ready to leave, we finally made it to Bear Lake!  The kids were just a little excited, don't you think?

With all of Bryce's siblings coming over the next few days, our little clan was staying in the 5th wheel.  While setting it up at the KOA we met this little guy.  Kimball wanted to keep him for a pet.  Eventually we let him go.  :(

July 31.  We woke bright and early in the 5th wheel.  The kids must have slept well because they were a little silly first thing Thursday.

Abby loved playing with Arya.  Well, that might be an overstatement.  She and Arya fought over lots of toys.  Abby often displayed a seldom seen fierce side and made consistent attempts to overpower her very sweet cousin who didn't know what to make of a feisty playmate.

We made it to the beach on Thursday.  Even though it was a bit overcast the boys wasted no time finding shells and digging in the sand.

Stan got to paddle board with Uncle Ed.  While I went to take Abby for a nap, the boys went out on the canoes with Grandma Hansen and Uncle Ed.  They went to a beach that was covered in small shells and each came home with two bottles full of shells!

Thursday evening was the parade.  We did our best to catch as much taffy as possible because we really need the calories and the kids are deprived of treats.  (I threw most of it away because I am the one who eats it.)

After the parade the kids went an got air brush tattoos just like Uncle Ed.

But the fun didn't end there.  We went back to the KOA and played on the playground and the jumping pillow before crashing in bed.

August 1.  Friday morning we went to the craft fair across the street from the condo.  The kids got to pet some farm animals and ride some horsies.



After the animals the kids got to play on some blow ups and ride some rides.  They even got some balloons from a balloon guy--Stan's was an elephant and Kimball's was a spider.



After a very exhausting morning (and Mom dislocating her pinky toe on one of the blow up slides) we had some lunch.  It's hard to beat mac and cheese on the patio overlooking the lake.  

After lunch Daddy finally made it to Bear Lake and Mom collapsed, but not before playing at the KOA some more.

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