Saturday, August 16, 2014

August 9-15: An interview, a birthday and a tooth!

August 9.  Saturday morning Abby woke up with quite the bed head.  We also discovered the snail had escaped.  Kimball took it rather well, but wanted me to spend the day hunting for a new pet.  Um, no.

For dinner we drove up to Clearfield to have a BBQ with Brad and Heidi Bateman and Amy Rasmussen and her family.  Bryce was in an institute choir with Brad and Amy.  It was a really fun evening.

August 10.  After Church on Sunday we had dinner at Charlotte's house for our monthly siblings dinner.  It's always fun to spend time with cousins.

August 11.  Monday was a pretty exciting day because Bryce found out that the University of Houston wanted to interview him by Skype for the Associate Director of Technology Commercialization.  

August 12.  Tuesday I spent the morning taking the office apart.  What it really entailed was emptying the shelved behind Bryce's desk and rearranging everything to make it look nice for the interview.  It's a real improvement from the cluttered mess that was there.  But it took several days to put things back or throw them away.  

This is how it looks now, but with some family pictures.  Notice the diploma on the wall.  Nice!

Aug 13.  Pumpkin update.  I was pretty pleased to see that we were actually growing a pumpkin.  However, this little guy has since fallen off the vine.  Here's hoping we get another.

We have been enjoying the hammock.

Wednesday evening we celebrated Stan's birthday (even though his actual birthday is on Saturday).  We invited all our cousins and a few friends to the Rec Center for a swimming party.  It was so much fun.  Happy birthday to our four year old!


August 14.  Thursday I spent the entire day at the at the Court Improvement Summit.  It was a really good program and a great chance to network and connect with other stakeholders in child welfare.

L to R.  Jose Silva (parental defender in Utah County), David Boyer (PDA co-director), Me

August 15.  After spending the morning at the conference, I swung by to pick up Luke so he could come play which made for a fun afternoon for the boys.  Kimball discovered his tooth was very loose.  A few hours after the video he wiggled and twisted it out!  Here's hoping the tooth fairy does her job.

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