Sunday, August 10, 2014

Aug 2-8: More Bear Lake and Indulgent Parenting

August 2.  Beach day!  We had an awesome day at the beach.  We arrived early and even Abby joined in this time.  I got a chance to paddle board again too.

The kids told me they were going to build a hot tub.

Grandma Hansen got the two girls new beach toys.

Abby liked the watering can.


I took Abby back to the trailer for a nap and returned to find out the kids had in fact built a hot tub (with Karson's help).

We got rained on a little, but it was just part of the fun.

After a long day at the beach we enjoyed a nice dinner and lots of cousin time.

August 3.  On Sunday we got up and cleaned the 5th wheel because we had to check out of the KOA.  We made it to the church for Sacrament meeting.  It was cute to watch Abby enjoy her cousins on the walk over.

We made it home Sunday evening.  It is always nice to be home, even after a fun trip.

August 4.  Monday we finally got the washing machine repaired ($170).  I also made a a very unusual recipe for dinner on Monday--Thai chicken enchiladas!  Sometimes different is good.

August 5.  On Tuesday I made suckers with the kids before we were even out of our pajamas.  They weren't very good since the flavoring I used was old, but it made me remember making these as a kid.

August 6.  On Wednesday, we visited the dinosaur museum.  The boys wanted to do something new so we pretended to be paleontologists and used fancy tools to uncover fish fossils.

And then the kids wouldn't pose for a picture.  

August 7.  For some reason I was having a hard time being productive on Thursday.  I was looking for something to entertain the kids and decided that my hammock was a good idea.  I got the stand all set up and then realized that I couldn't find the "S" hooks.  So we headed to Home Depot.  After, I realized that we should probably make a trip to the pet store because we needed some water conditioner to clean the fish bowl.  Instead we bought a new tank and another fish.  Whatever.  At least I don't have to clean the fish bowl as often or if I am lucky . . . ever.

August 8.  On Friday, Stan took a two and a half hour nap.  I'm not really sure why.  Maybe he was just worn out from a busy summer or because he refuses to go to sleep on time.  Since we have been back from Bare Lake he has refused to go to sleep in his own bed.  When he got up from his nap he had a hankering to paint Styrofoam forms.  Being the very indulgent parent I am, I let him.

Speaking of being an indulgent parent, I let Kimball adopt a snail . . .

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