Tuesday, June 10, 2014

May 31 - June 6: In which we celebrate the end of school by making a valiant effort to have fun

May 31.  Saturday morning the kids found a box of dressups.  So everyone (but Mom) put something on.  Even dad found something to wear.

Once we were finally ready we took the kids to Westminster campus to see where Dad went to school. There was a brunch for all the graduates.  A jazz band played so Abby and Stan danced.

We also checked out the classrooms in the business building where Daddy took most of his classes.  We pretended to go to school.  Bryce gave us a fantastic lecture on the boat Bucky from Jack and the Neverland Pirates.


June 1.  Sunday was Stake Conference.  Bryce hadn't slept well and still had a cough, so he stayed home with the kids and I got to enjoy the meeting.  After church we took a loaf of bread to some new neighbors and invited them to the Ward/Neighborhood Party on Saturday.

June 2.  Monday morning I got to work.  Bryce took the kids to have the oil changed in the van and then to the park.

We ended the day with a Family Home Evening.  When my parents left, Kimball said he wanted to learn all the verses to Book of Mormon Stories while they are gone.  There are 8 verses and we only know 2.  So we started learning more.  For our treat we walked to Arctic Circle down the street and had some ice cream.


After we got home a giant bee flew into our house.  Dad had to capture it and save us.  Seriously, the thing was as big as my thumb.

June 3.  I was a bit determined to take the kids somewhere before I had to work on Tuesday.  We got all ready and headed out to the car and what do you think?  We were locked out of the garage!  Sigh.  We had to find something else to entertain ourselves for the morning.

June 4.  Wednesday morning we finally made it to the Museum of Natural Curiosity.  The kids had a great time.  Abby played in a water table just for little ones.  They boys built, played and explored until it was time to go.

Unfortunately, Abby got knocked into a sharp display and cut her eyebrow on the way out.  Poor little one.

June 5.  After I worked in the morning we decided an outing was necessary to avoid watching TV all day.  We headed up to Silver Lake.  It took a little longer than usual because there was some road construction between Solitude and Guardsman Pass so Abby and Stan were asleep when we arrived. 

The sun was out but there was a very chilly breeze.  Good thing I had sweatshirts for the boys in the car.

June 6.  Friday was a very busy work day for both me and Bryce.  London came over to watch the kids.  In the afternoon, Kimball and Stan played nicely together and built a train.

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