Saturday, June 14, 2014

June 7-13: A Luau, Swim Lessons and a Camp Out

June 7.  On Saturday, I went to the wedding shower of one of my mission companions--Kristin Hatch.  She is marrying a guy who is completely deaf.  I am very happy that they have found each other.  I wish I would have taken a picture.  So I will just steal one from Facebook.

For dinner, we went to the ward luau.  One of the highlights was the pinata.  All the kids got to try it on after it was smashed and the candy retrieved.  It was a really fun night.  We have such great neighbors.

June 8.  It was my turn to host the Norman family Sunday dinner.  Everyone except John was able to make it.  We even watched a little of the NBA finals after dinner.  I love getting together with family.  It's nice to be with people who love you no matter what.

June 9.  Monday was another long work day with no pictures.

June 10.  After work, I had a friend come over and make some home made rice-a-roni in a jar with me.  We made 24 jars.  Next I took the kids to the rec center for swim lessons.  I played with Abby in the splash pool while the boys practiced their skills.  They got to join us afterward.

June 11.  I had to stop working a little early when the internet went down.  We couldn't leave and do anything fun because we had to wait for a technician, so we made the best of an afternoon home with caramel pop corn and a movie under a suspended blanket.  I was attempting to make a fort that wouldn't block the TV, but Kimball told me it was just a roof.  Sometimes Mom can't win.

June 12.  Thursday was another day of work and swim lessons.  Bryce met us at the pool after work and joined in the fun.  

June 13.  We had planned to go up to Bear Lake on Friday, but Grandma and Grandpa Hansen were busy working on some remodeling at one of their rentals.  So we headed up to the Hansen's for a camp out in their back yard.  The boys were also dying to give Bryce his Father's Day gift--a Kinect for the XBox and some new games.  We had a fund night with pizza, games and a sleep out.  I slept well thanks to a blow up bed and a remarkable baby who didn't cry once.   

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  1. So many fun things. I love that pinata--who knew the Hawaiians loved pinatas too.
    You are working hard, so I'm glad you are playing hard too. XOXO Mom



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