Saturday, June 21, 2014

June 14-20: A wedding!

June 14.  Saturday morning we woke in the tent in Grandma and Grandpa's backyard.  Pancakes and sausage were for breakfast!  We thought about going for a hike, but it was rather chilly.  So we played some more xBox Kinnect and went to the Lego Movie at the Kaysville Theater.

June 15.  On Sunday after church we headed back up to Kaysville to celebrate Father's Day with Grandma and Grandpa Hansen.  We had a delicious dinner and nice time hanging out.  Afterward we visited an old friend of mine, Amy Lee, with whom I went to BYU in my undergrad days.  She just moved from Phoenix to Kaysville and has a lovely home on the west side with a view of a horse pasture.  (Dad, I am pretty sure she lives really close to the Belnaps).

June 16.  Monday was a long work day for me.  It was so long that by the end of it Kimball was ready to kick London out of the house.  This is unusual because typically the kids love for London to come over.  We ended the day with FHE, Slurpees and more xBox Kinnect.  Our house is a little small for the Kinnect so we had to find a way to place it over the TV.  A diaper box worked just fine.

June 17.  Tuesday was a cold rainy day.  I actually wore a sweater.  After work, Kimball had his first piano lesson.  His teacher is a neighbor of ours and she won him over by teaching him the Star Wars theme.  The boys also had swim lessons and I went to a Relief Society activity.

June 18.  Wednesday we went to Thanksgiving Point Gardens with our friends Gabe, Victoria, Sebastian and Maria.  It was a great day to go.  Not too hot.  



June 19.  I spent most of Thursday making the cake for the wedding of Bryce's brother, Derek.

The boys had swim lessons again.  I didn't take Abby to the splash pool this time so we got to wander around and wait.

This is a picture that Stan drew of me with a snowball.  I think it a remarkable likeness.

June 20.  Friday was the day of the wedding!  We got to go to the courthouse in Ogden and see Derek and Melanie get married.  It was a sweet ceremony.  

Afterward we had a nice lunch at Costa Vida with the bride, groom and their four daughters, Grandma and Grandpa Hansen and our gang of monkeys.  After lunch we took the girls, Tylee (9), McKenna (8), Maren (5) and T.J. (3) to the arcade called Fat Cats.  Each kid got a number of tokens and we divided the tickets so everyone got a couple of prizes.  Then Grandma and Grandpa treated us to the movie How to Train Your Dragon 2.  After the movie Melanie's parents hosted a roast beef dinner.  Overall it was a wonderful day.  We are so happy for Derek, Melanie and the girls.  

Melanie's parents have a big long driveway and 14 wiggle cars.  They were enjoyed by nearly everyone.  Abby loved them and was able to control them remarkably well, but I forgot a photo.  :(

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